Sarah McKenzie Album Artwork


I always love working with musicians. I’ve never been great at playing an instrument, but have always wanted to be involved somehow in the process of making music, so I’m always happy to be able to have a creative input helping to create the visuals.

Having seen some of my work with Lara Jade and Sara Rossetti, wearing red, Sarah asked whether I’d be able to do something similar with her, for her latest albums cover art and promotional material.

The shoot went really well and has since been featured as the album artwork, and also made some appearances in the press too, notably in the Blue Note Tokyo magazine.

Blue Note Tokyo - June-July 2019

Gal Gadot X Youzu Interactive

One of my exciting projects to date, I had the fortune of photographing the talented Gal Gadot, for the game ‘League of Angels’ (developed by Youzu Interactive)

Below you can see my photos, edited by me, and then further down, the final edits used for the campaign.

Hair: Gustav Fouche | Makeup: Sarah Brock

Gal Gadot by Oscar May

Gal Gadot by Oscar May