Lambs Conduit Street Christmas Party

Long after the supermarkets have started selling mince pies, (in mid-October!) there is one event that kick-starts the festive feeling for me.

The Lambs Conduit Street Christmas Party, organised annually, by the local traders, in particular Ciao Bella and Maggie Owen. 

I was there as the official photographer, and there were some fantastic going-ons for me to document. The main events are the Ciao Bella raffle, drawn by Rupert Everett, with prizes donated by the locals (this year they raised a staggering £11,000, which will go to the Coram’s Field Charity) and a reading of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’, read by a talented selection of people, including; Tim McInnerny, Jon Snow, Alastair Stewart, Jackie Long, Alexei Sayle, Matt Frei, Prof. Laurie Taylor, Paul McNamara and many others.

Lara Jade X Karen Millen

London, August 2018

I am really happy to share these images from my shoot with Karen Millen, shooting the ever-inspiring, Lara Jade, for their ‘Women Who Can’ campaign. Shot on a warm summer day in London. Thank you to Maggie Owen London, and La Fromagerie for kindly allowing us to use their spaces as our location.

To see the article in full, please follow this link.

If you are not familiar with Lara’s work, do head over to her site,, to see her beautiful work.

Lara Jade, shot by Oscar May, for the Karen Millen ‘Women Who Can’ series.