Sarah McKenzie Album Artwork


I always love working with musicians. I’ve never been great at playing an instrument, but have always wanted to be involved somehow in the process of making music, so I’m always happy to be able to have a creative input helping to create the visuals.

Having seen some of my work with Lara Jade and Sara Rossetti, wearing red, Sarah asked whether I’d be able to do something similar with her, for her latest albums cover art and promotional material.

The shoot went really well and has since been featured as the album artwork, and also made some appearances in the press too, notably in the Blue Note Tokyo magazine.

Blue Note Tokyo - June-July 2019

Caroline Flack behind-the-scenes at Chicago

Caroline Flack as Roxie Hart.

It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to photograph Caroline backstage just after her (spectacular) performance in Chicago! We did a super quick shoot to snap some images to share with the press, promoting her starring in the musical.

She will be with the show until 5th January 2019, do get along if you have the chance!

Make-up: Christian Vermaak

Lambs Conduit Street Christmas Party

Long after the supermarkets have started selling mince pies, (in mid-October!) there is one event that kick-starts the festive feeling for me.

The Lambs Conduit Street Christmas Party, organised annually, by the local traders, in particular Ciao Bella and Maggie Owen. 

I was there as the official photographer, and there were some fantastic going-ons for me to document. The main events are the Ciao Bella raffle, drawn by Rupert Everett, with prizes donated by the locals (this year they raised a staggering £11,000, which will go to the Coram’s Field Charity) and a reading of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’, read by a talented selection of people, including; Tim McInnerny, Jon Snow, Alastair Stewart, Jackie Long, Alexei Sayle, Matt Frei, Prof. Laurie Taylor, Paul McNamara and many others.

Taylor LaShae hits London

Taylor has been on my radar a while now, after Leanne recommended getting in touch with her while I was in New York.

Unfortunately the day I got to NYC, she was leaving, fast-forward to a few months later and I saw that she was in London, and looking for a photographer, so I immediately got in touch again, and less that two hours later, I was at her hotel meeting her, getting ready to do a whistle-stop tour of Soho, whilst taking a few photos.

Although we only shot for about 25 minutes, I got captured some of my favourite photos I’ve taken to date, Taylor has a very rare energy that just makes working with her effortless.

Here are a few favourites from our quick shoot. Fingers crossed we can shoot together again in the future.