Lambs Conduit Street Christmas Party

Long after the supermarkets have started selling mince pies, (in mid-October!) there is one event that kick-starts the festive feeling for me.

The Lambs Conduit Street Christmas Party, organised annually, by the local traders, in particular Ciao Bella and Maggie Owen. 

I was there as the official photographer, and there were some fantastic going-ons for me to document. The main events are the Ciao Bella raffle, drawn by Rupert Everett, with prizes donated by the locals (this year they raised a staggering £11,000, which will go to the Coram’s Field Charity) and a reading of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’, read by a talented selection of people, including; Tim McInnerny, Jon Snow, Alastair Stewart, Jackie Long, Alexei Sayle, Matt Frei, Prof. Laurie Taylor, Paul McNamara and many others.